Monday, May 09, 2011

A tribute to Bin Laden in the mouthpiece of Hariri

This is amazing, if you think about it.  The allies of US/Saudi Arabia in Lebanon have been the most vocal in praising Bin Laden and in mourning him.  Just as supporters of Hariri in Lebanon (those Salafites who have been cultivated and funded by Saudi Arabia) have mourned Zarqawi and Saddam.  But look at this: it is not some lone Salafite.  He (Muhammad `Ali Al-Juzu) is a major cleric and Mufti of Mount Lebanon and is a prominent figure in the propaganda department of Hariri family (he also reportedly had close ties to Egyptian intelligence during the Mubarak regime).  He denies that Bin Laden is a terrorist and argues that the US posses "a long and wide history in making terrorism and causing its formation".  He said that terrorism is falsely attributed to Bin Laden, and that Bin Laden abandoned his wealth to go and "support" a victim Muslim population.  This cleric (who is notorious in Lebanon for his regular vomit production of hate and sectarianism) denies that Al-Qa`idah was behind Sep. 11 and said that "a Western mind" was behind the deed.  He concludes his emotional tribute to Bin Laden by saying that "Bin Laden entered history from its wide doors."  You see why I always mock Western media references to "pro-West March 14 coalition"?  This dude is prominent figure in the March 14 sectarian coalition.  But Hariri family don't roll out those characters to speak to Western reporters in Lebanon.  They choose different characters to present different images.