Monday, May 23, 2011

Thus Spoke Sistani: Fatawas of Grand (not at all) Ayatullah Sistani

So I was reading in volume 3 of Sistani's book, Minhaj As-Salihin.  I was reading his section on Nushuz (the section of wife's disobedience to her husband).  He said taht Nushuz happens when "she breaks from the obligatory obedience to her husband, when she does not allow him to enjoy her as he deserves, and that includes non-removal of the repulsive (elements) that are contrary to enjoying her and deriving pleasures from her, and to abandoning cleaning and make up..." (p. 106).  In matter number 353 (p. 107) he cautions that when the husband hits the wife he should avoid "bloodying her or blackening her skin or making it red."