Tuesday, May 03, 2011

There should be no qualms in saying it: Bin Laden was no hero: he was a terrorist Wahhabi

I need to say a word (and I will say it in Arabic soon) about the possible cult of Bin Laden that may emerge.  I understand it in Wahhabi circles (the obituaries in Aljazeera and Al-Arabiyyah have been mildly romantic) but there can't be any progressive praise of Bin Laden.  By any measure or by any standard, and no matter whether one is right or left, the man was a fanatical terrorist.  There is nothing romantic (as appears in the obituary of `Abd Al-Bari `Atwan's obituary of him) or glorious about the life of this fanatic terrorist.  How would we progressive fare under a rule by such a man?  How would a woman fare under his rule?  His cv is littered with war crimes and murders.  He is a killer and his political claims should be dismissed.  Tell Isma`il Haniyyah that this is a man who did not contribute anything to the Palestinian cause save confusing Westerners about the nature of Palestinian armed struggle.  He is no martyr and the only one who should mourn him are his Saudi Wahhabi princes/patrons.  The fact that US bombs right and left and the fact that US lies to us all the time and the fact that US opposes our freedoms and liberation as Arabs does not mean that its enemies, like Bin Laden, are not our enemies and the enemies of humanity.   But if US government expert were to read what Arabs are writing about Bin Laden they would be surprised not by sympathy for Bin Laden so such but for the depth of hatred for US government and its war and propaganda.  It is clear: US role in the so-called Arab spring have clearly deepened the detestation of the US by Arabs.  I mean, they thought Arabs did not notice US support for the Mubarak regime? They think that Arabs can be fooled when the US later lied and pretended that it had supported the overthrow of Mubarak?  Who are they kidding.  But on the other hand, I squirm at any word of Arab sympathy or sensitivity for that dead lousy terrorist kook, named Bin Laden.  And I am glad that his deputy has no chance of appealing to anyone because he has the charismatic appeal of my old shoe.