Sunday, May 15, 2011

That lousy Lebanese Army: Wlah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This failure of an army--perhaps one of the most failed attempt of armies--shot today at demonstrators against Israeli at the Lebanese border after Israeli occupation war criminals killed and injured protesters.  The lousy Lebanese Army said that he does not want to open "a front now" because the situation is critical.  I wanted to yell at the commanders of that lousy Army: wlah (I can't translate this into any other language) you did not open a front when Israeli was attacking Lebanon and when Israeli was bombing your barracks.  Wlah: when did you ever shoot to defend Lebanon from Israeli aggression?  Wlah: your soldiers slept when young volunteers defended Lebanon in 2006 and humiliated the Israeli occupation army.  Wlah: you seriously think that any sane Lebanese (who is not on the payroll of House of Saud or House of Hariri) would ever seriously consider you and your lousy soldiers qualified to defend Lebanon and to resist Israeli aggression and occupation?  Wlah: you are the army of shame, submission, humiliation, regression, withdrawal, a cowardice.  Go and munch on some snakes: maybe that will make you feel strong and muscular.  What a joke you are.