Sunday, May 29, 2011

Political Scandal at AUB: a seemingly Zionist Canadian professor (reportedly) defends the Israeli terrorist army

An inside source at AUB tells me about a brewing political scandal.  Here is the story from my source:  "Munib Masri Jr., 22, grandson of Munib Masri, was shot in Maroon El Rass, lost his spleen and left kidney and injured his spine which might render him paralyzed for all his life! Prior to the incident, he was suspended for one year at AUB because of an incident that took place on campus. A few days ago, AUB President proposed to the University Disciplinary Committee  to cut down on the one year suspension and to readmit him if he will soon recover from his serious wounds. One of the committee members, P. Lewtas (my guess is that he is...), sent the email below to the Committee members including the President and Provost. It is nauseating and the strange thing, no one to my knowledge has responded to his email!"  And in the email that this Canadian professor sent he said:  "I understand that Munib first hurled abuse at the Israeli  soldiers, then flung rocks at them, then started pushing through the barbed-wire fence between himself and them...."  I was sent the whole email but I have just shared that one passage.  It is a shame that no member of the disciplinary committee has yet responded to his lousy message.

PS If the Canadian seemingly Zionist professor wants to explain his disgusting behavior, I will allow him to respond here but I will sure respond.  On his website, he also sounds patronizing about the students that he teaches at AUB as he said:  "AUB students are surprisingly good."  Surprising why? Because they are not white?