Saturday, May 28, 2011

Israel's secret love affair with Al-Qa`idah

"“This is a dangerous development that could lead to the smuggling of weapons, explosives and Al Qaeda agents into Gaza,” Silvan Shalom, a deputy prime minister from the right-wing Likud Party..."  Look at this: they are now worried about the smuggling of Al-Qa`idah terrorists into Gaza.  1) Since when did the Palestinians host Al-Qa`idah?  Even in the refugee camps of Lebanon there are no Al-Qa`idah terrorists; 2) Why is Israel bogusly pretending that they are worried about Al-Qa`idah in Gaza when it is clear that Al-Qa`idah in its history never targeted Israel and never lifted a finger to help the Palestinians?  Al-Qa`idah specialized in killing civilians and not in killing Israels, and this explains its unpopularity among Arabs.  3) we know that Israel (like Arab regimes) conveniently lie about Al-Qa`idah to garner Western support and sympathy--and money.