Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hariri state

What happened in Lebanon yesterday was most important.  How the Hariri militia (organized as the Internal Security Forces and its Intelligence Apparatus) took over a tele-communications center and banned the Minister of Tele-communications from entering the building.  There are suspicions that the Hariri Inc is running a secret third telephone network from that building, and may be involved in running a secret channel inside Syrian territory.  The confrontation points to a dangerous route in Lebanese politics.  But the idiots of March 8 decided to promote their agenda with the lousy billionaire, Najib Miqati (a triple faced man) who answers to his Syrian/Saudi/US handlers.  Billionaires--tell Hizbullah--don't lead resistance movements and are never interested in resistance.  The rise of Yasser `Arafat in the late 1960s did not occur in a vacuum: Palestinian millionaires (at the time--now they are billionaires) generously funded `Arafat to thwart the promising Palestinian resistance movement.