Monday, May 16, 2011

Eye witness from Marun Ar-Ras: As`ad--not me

As`ad--not me was in Marun Ar-Ras.  He sent me some observations (I am citing with his permission).  I hope that Anthony Shadid would not dismiss my friend and the others who are in the pictures as agents of the Syrian regime.  As`ad--not me said shorting after he returned hom:  "I saw courage and heroism today in front of my eyes. The sight was unbelievable. 10 death and dozens injured and the Palestinian guys would not stop. It is mind boggling. I was 200 meters behind the fence. The Lebanese army at the end attached us and was shooting like crazy up in the air. They chased us up the whole mountain. A day I won't forget in my life. Thoussands of bullets wire fired above us to drive us back. Friends were literally at the fence and saw the guys falling. I will upload pics and videos later on FB.  I will email you my thoughts later. We are still under shock. We were literally taking cover behind rocks, I really don't know what to say.i swear if only these Palestinians are trained, given arms and support, Israel will not last a week. Every shot Asad from Israelis, a wounded or a killed from our side, dozens of ambulances leaving the scene.. and the guys would not stop. Showers of rocks were going the other way, and the damn Israelis snipers were shooting them down one by one."