Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can an Israeli redeem himself/herself?

I am often asked that question since I adhere to boycott of all things Israeli.  The answer is yes provided 1) the person refuses to serve in the Army or the intelligence service of the state as part of military service; 2) the person must leave the house he/she occupies and the land on which he/she stands on because chances are the house is occupied, in the literal sense, and the land is occupied, in the literal sense; 3) the person must engage in armed struggle against the terrorist state of Israel.  If an Israeli person fulfills those conditions, he/she should be acceptable from a pro-Palestinian point of view.  So by my definition, Daniel Barenboim has not met any of those conditions.  

PS Playing a musical instrument before a Palestinian audience does not qualify--not even if the instrument is Dirbakka.