Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bigotry in the Israeli media

Look at this piece of trash on gays in Israel: the writer is at pains to be defensive on the subject and has to drag Islam and Iran into the mix, only to justify homophobia in Israel:  "In Orthodox Judaism, as with traditional streams of Islam and Christianity, homosexuality is generally frowned upon. Gay observant Jews may be ostracized by their families, while in the Muslim world, gays can face violence. In Iran, for instance, homosexuality is punishable by death."  Of course, in traditional Christianity and in Orthodox Judaism, hostility to gays exceeds the few vague references in the Qur'an.  But Israeli writers, very much like classical anti-Semites, are so obsessed with their hatred of Islam and Muslims that they have to bring it in no matter what.  Furthermore, openly or semi openly "gay" leaders (like Sultan Qaboos) have served as heads of state in Arab and Muslim lands but not in Israel.