Sunday, May 29, 2011

Al-Ahram: the new tool of a new regime

It took hours for the lousy newspaper, Al-Ahram, to shift its loyalty from Mubarak to his opponents.  But Al-Ahram can't help itself: it served crudely the old regime and it now serves crudely the new regime.  It did not cover the protests in Tahrir Square on Friday: instead, it covered the much smaller protest by Salafis and Ikhwan in support of the Egyptian regime.   And comrade Alain Gresh in Cairo tells me that:  "i am in egypt for some days and as you know there was this big demonstration on the 27th, to "push" the militaries and the government for Moubarak and his acolytes trial, against military courts, etc.  The first page title of al ahram on the 28 is : "New Victory for the unity of the people and the army in Friday second anger demonstration"