Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Iran regime covers Syria

A Syrian reader sent me this:  "Iran reports on Syria same way NY Times and corporate western press reports on Israeli aggression against Palestinians.  Notice the use of words (clashes) , lies (armed groups) and fabrications (security forces are NOT responsible for the deaths of protesters) :
"Meanwhile, several people have been killed and many more injured after armed groups clashed with Syrian security forces in the southern city of Daraa.  According to Press TV, Syrian authorities say at least seven people, including four soldiers, were killed during the overnight clashes in the city. Some reports, however, put the death toll at 25. Damascus has repeatedly denied allegations that security forces are responsible for the death of protesters, saying they have been given clear instructions not to hurt civilians."
This is verbatim a formula I read countless times before , take Syria references out and put IDF and it is identical."