Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni

It is not clear who killed him: I personally think that the various Bin Ladenite kooks and gangs in Gaza are run by Fath/Israel to sabotage Hamas. But Hamas is clearly responsible for the lousy mini-police (non) state that it runs in Gaza.  It has been getting more and more repressive and people in Gaza (from the ones who write to me) are so fed up with the Hamas rule.  Hamas should at least conduct a quick investigation to find and punish those who are responsible, especially that this is a man who gave his life to Palestine and the Palestinians.  I looked up his name in my inbox and saw that the name appears in many emails I have received on Palestinian matters.  And please, spare me the crocodile tears of the New York Times: they only put the story on the front page for purely pro-Israeli propaganda purposes and to scare off Western supporters of the Palestinians.  Where was the care of the New York Times when the Israeli terrorists killed Rachel Corrie.