Monday, April 11, 2011

Those sectarian slogans in Syria

There are some sectarian slogans being chanted by SOME (not all) protesters in Syria (they refers to the need for "Sunnis who fear God").  It is an opportunity to make this point: if one supports protests and revolutions against all Arab regimes (and Iran to the mix) it does not need that one should endorse all strands of the opposition.  As I tried to make clear in my article on Syria in Al-Akhbar last Saturday, there are good and great elements in the opposition movements and there are some bad and horrific elements.  I oppose the Qadhdhafi regime but oppose the Saudi and NATO stooge, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil.  I support Syrian opposition but vehemently oppose the Muslim Brotherhood: in Syria and in every Arab country.  The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is in fact one of the worst branches of the Brotherhood, and is more strictly subservient to Saudi Arabia and had in the past collaborated with Phalanges and with Jordanian mukhabrat.  In fact, those of us who support change and revolutions in the Arab world (and Iran), are obligated to speak out against the reactionary and kooky elements in the opposition movements.