Sunday, April 17, 2011

My message to Zionist hoodlums: go fly a kite and weep for Mubarak

Zionists have been outraged and enraged about my speech at the Palestinian American Women's Association of California's (PAWA) event in Orange County.   Notice that Zionist propagandists are turning this association into some dangerous outfit.  Those Zionists: they are so scared about the future of dead Israel and so desperate that they would turn a Palestinian scout organization into a terrorist organization.  They are so desperate and the ouster of Mubarak has made them even more desperate that they strive to ban any view that is opposed to their interests.  So back to this PAWA's event:  the event was video taped and I shall provide a link when I receive one. I of coruse stand by every word and don’t take any word back.  The Zionist hoodlums should know that they are dealing with Angry Arab, and not with the common (in the US) equivocating Arab.  They are not dealing with UAE's propagandists like James Zogby, who has never met a Zionist that he did not feel the urge to prostrate before him.   IF they think that they can pressure me or intimidate me into changing my words or taking back my statements, they are dead wrong.   And if they are outraged by my statements against the terrorist entity that is Israel, they need to sneak into the audience of my next public event and try to ask me if I recognize Israel or if I accept the legitimacy of the state.  I observed many Arabs in the US who used to get that question and who would squirm and would obfuscate and not give a straight answer: others would offer statements to the effect that Israel does not have definite borders.  Me?  I relish those questions when they come my way.  I love to throw it to Zionists: that I would never ever recognize the legitimacy of that terrible state and that I would not recognize the state of Israel even if confined to the area of a cup of tea.  Not in my lifetime.  And yes, they understood correctly: I would cheer and celebrate the demise of Israel.  Now, of course they can’t get me to slip and can’t pin a word of prejudice in my rhetoric so they will resort to fabrications.  One Zionist fool conflated the notion of the demise of Israel with the elimination of 6 million Jews, as if the demise of Apartheid regime in South Africa amounted to the elimination of whites in South Africa. But you can’t teach logic or facts to Zionists.  It is a futile exercise.   But no need to stress: the state is going down and faster than we had thought and desired.  Israel crimes have been expediting its demise and narrowing its life span.  And when that happens, I will sing Arabic songs from rooftops, here and in liberated Palestine.  Every square inch of Palestine.  And if you don’t like those words, I can repeat them to you in simpler language until you Zionists get it.  Go fly a kite and go weep for Mubarak—but not on our lands.