Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mossad propaganda about Latin America

A Latin American expert who does not want to be identified sent me this (I cite with permission):  "read your blog often and particularly enjoy your wry humor.  As you may know, my main area of interest/research is Latin America and the Caribbean.  Hence, I keep up with our regional news, not only for purposes of my research but for the classes I teach at the university.  I have noticed recently a lot of what appears to be misinformation or propaganda popping up in the right wing press about alleged Hizb'allah and Hamas cells in Latin America.  I assume they are aimed at deviating people's attention from far more serious matters involving massacres by drug gangs and (Us funded) security forces in the two principle US allies of our region - Mexico and Colombia; therefore I read them for amusement but don't waste time on them.  However, there has been a sharp increase in these types of "stories" recently, the following being the latest.."