Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Syria with doubt

A leftist comrade who I trust sent me this (I cite with his permission but I will keep him anonymous): "Hi As’ad,
I have been going to Syria for several months now  due to my work….i am ...;  So part of my work is to go to the client’s company.... I have been to Aleppo, Rakka, Hasaka Damascus and also the rural part of Aleppo and Damascus. 
Except for Damascus and the Christian neighborhood of Aleppo you would think you are in Kandahar under the rule of Taliban (especially in the rural parts_…As’ad what you see there is scary…burqa3 everywhere…women are barely seen in the streets and the overwhelming majority is covered from head to bottom. 
Now I have been thinking about what is happening in Syria…and I  have been trying to support the protesters…but I cannot…those people will only bring Taliban alike into power…Saudi Arabia will have the upper hand in the region and Syria will be divided between sects in the best case scenario. (Not to mention that the arms route toward Hezbollah will be cut). 
Yesterday in doma the chants were “Alawiyye bi eltabout…w masi7iey 3a Beirut”!! how can we ever support those guys….
I agree that there is another Syrian opposition but these are a minority….those leading the demonstrations are islamists – Saudi style…. 
All I am saying is that are you sure you want the Syrian regime to collapse…because the more I look at the “rebels”….the more I doubt the whole future of the region…..for the first time in my life I am doubting my decision to live in the region."