Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egyptian revolutionary comrades

...are calling for a demonstration against the Zionist embassy in Cairo.  BE THERE: or Be Like Mubarak.
Jamal kindly translated:
"March and Stand-In In Front of the Embassy of the Zionist Entity
"The Supporters of the Palestinian Revolution" invite you to a march and stand-in in front of the embassy of the Zionist entity which gets moving from in front of the main gate of Cairo University on Wednesday 27 April at exactly 2:3pm demanding the following:
-Condemning the Zionist occupation of our Arab land in flesh, blood, roots, and history
-Cancelling normalization in all its forms
-Ceasing the export of natural gas to the Zionists immediately along with the return of all that the Zionists have stolen from us in this shameful normalization.
-Ceasing the building of the steel wall of shame immediately
-Treating Palestinians the same as Egyptians are treated in Egypt, acknowledging their rights to residency, education, work, and health just the same as Egyptians.
Shimon Peres called on the youth of Egypt to normalize, this will be our response to him in front of their embassy."