Thursday, April 28, 2011


One of my sources:  "So 4 of the protestors were sentenced to death. 3 given life.
The last time the death penalty was imposed was in 2006 after three incidents of 3 bangledeshis killing Bahrainis - one of the bangledeshis was a cook for a super-rich Bahraini family (wonder if he was abused by them?). Since two of the ones killed were from prominent tribes the government decided to ban all bangledeshis from coming to Bahrain. I have no idea if the ban still exists - there is a similar ban in either Saudi or Kuwait. Here's an old blog post on the issue:
Funny how the defenders of the Bahraini government forgot this and now are acting like they are the defenders of all expats in Bahrain. At the beginning of the violence, the government claimed that the protesters cut of the tongue of a bangledeshi muazzin. The Bangledeshi ambassador denied this."