Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bahrain update

From a source who should remain anonymous:  "Yesterday the total count of political prisoners reached 1048.  That means that around 1 in every 550 Bahrainis is a political prisoner.  Today the government announced that they will release 312 detainees "after sufficient duration of arrest" whatever that means.  The rest of the 1048 will be put on trial.  Meanwhile they are arresting more people today.  Also the trial of 7 protestors (I believe it is 7) begins tomorrow for supposedly killing a policeman.  The prosecutor is seeking the death penalty."

PS She sent me an update:  "According to human rights activists in Bahrain, a number of detainees have been forced to admit to things that they did not commit and to request amnesty from the King in front of television cameras.  I'm not sure if these people are the ones who will be released or the ones that will be put on trial.  I guess everything will become clearer later on."