Thursday, March 24, 2011

These are the Bahraini reforms that the US is pleased with

Yahya sent me this:  "As'ad, the airport's security procedures at Bahrain's International Airport are getting worse. Today, I had a call from a close friend who got back from Bahrain, he informed me that he was detained in a dark room with investigators utilizing the bad cop/bad cop interrogation methods, screaming, throwing things.. etc. He repeatedly informed them that he was a Kuwaiti student traveling to Bahrain for years now for academic purposes, they on the other hand asked him about his origin and religious background. They kept him there for an hour until he 'confessed' about his Sunni background. Afterwards in the Capital, he was stopped again by a number of checkpoints that kept asking him the same question about his sect. He told me that those checkpoints were handled by individuals in civilian clothing and in some areas the Saudi Army's patrols."