Friday, March 11, 2011

Contemporary history is being re-written before our eyes

The US really, I mean REALLY, thinks that Arabs are dumb.  I am convinced of that.  They really now think that they can sneakily re-write the history from a month ago to convince the Egyptian people that the US administration stood with them in their demands for regime change in Egypt.  Look at this sentence in the New York Times:  "The more cautious approach contrasts sharply with Mr. Obama’s response in North Africa, where he abandoned a 30-year alliance with Hosni Mubarak of Egypt".  When was that? You don't think that Arabs will remember that the US stood with Mubarak to the very end and was calling for "reform"--euphemism for preservation of the regime with cosmetic changes--when the Egyptian people were calling for overthrow of the regime?  To be sure, the US did abandon Mubarak when he was forced to leave by the Egyptian people, just as it called for the ouster of Bin Ali when his plane left Tunisian air space.