Monday, March 28, 2011

Amos Oz

Read what I had written about him before. I wrote an article-length commentary about him for Al-Akhbar, which appeared here in translation, and I tried to document his long history of racism and war-mongering. "Oz was never a radical. He even supported Operation Cast Lead in the beginning, embarrassingly enough - before quickly recovering, calling for a cease-fire and admitting the damage to the south and the brutal strike Israel carried out in Gaza were disproportionate." This charlatan supported every Israeli war, and the then adjusts later to pose as a man of peace (he reminds me of Thomas Friedman regarding the US war on Iraq in 2003: he was a cheerleader and then when it failed, he posed as its critic). (thanks David)

P.S. My unpaid employee that gets paid in promises of blenders linked the translation to the Amos Oz article here.