Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steven Erlanger reassures Israel (in an article on Israeli worries)

This is an odd article.  The headline is about Israeli worries in the wake of Arab uprisings, but then the article is devotes to reassuring Israel.  Who reassures Israel? He stumbles across a Moroccan professor who is a pro-King propagandist (somebody that no one has heard of) to reassure Israel:  "“There is no regime that is going to be against or hostile toward Israel in the near term,” said Mohamed Darif, a political scientist at Morocco’s King Hassan II University. “There has been an evolution in the Arab world, among political elites and in civil society. Israel is a fact.”"  And then, he OF COURSE cites Marwan Mu`ashshir: a hardline adviser to the tyrant of Jordan who now poses as democracy expert.  For some reason, Washington, DC-reporters decided that Mu`ashshir is now the best spokesperson (not for the Jordanian royal family--which he is) but for the Arab people.  Dream on, o Zionists. Dream on.