Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Split in the royal family in Bahrain?

Again: I can't reveal the source:  "From people connected to high people in the government and wish to remain absolutely anonymous.  Please spread the word:
- There is a split within the royal family.  Khalid bin Ahmed and Khalifa bin Ahmed are on one side and the King and Shaikh Salman on the other.  The extreme violence are Khalid Bin Ahmed (head of the royal court - sectarian and racist responsible for political naturalization scheme) and Khalifa Bin Ahmed (minister of defense).  Sources are saying that the King no longer has full control.  There are outside forces (I'm guessing Saudi Arabia) pushing for these two to take over and for Nasir Bin Hamed (one of kings sons) to take over position of crown prince 
(again please I need to be completely anonymous if you post - sorry I keep repeating this - we now feel we are in a war)
Thank you so much for your help"