Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Obama to Mubarak: License to Murder the Egyptian people

As soon as I saw the defiant tone and substance of Mubarak's speech, I realized that he is not speaking for himself but for the US/Israeli sponsors.  Israel erred before the Arab people by exposing her intense panic and fear from the prospect of an Arab democracy next door.  Of course, Obama would take note and he consulted with his key adviser on the Middle East, Netanyahu.  I just read the speech by Obama: it confirmed my suspicion, that basically Mubarak was permitted by the US to do with the Egyptian people as he would like.  Every drop of blood that is spilled in Egypt from this day onwards should be blamed on Obama because he has embraced this new strategy of letting Mubarak defy the popular will of the Egyptian people.  I don't trust the Egyptian army: the top brass is hand picked by the US/Israel and can be easily bought off by a combination of bribes, gadgets, and perks.  They could care less about the Egyptian people.  This is part of the ruling group of this tyrant.  The speech by Obama was a not-so-coded language that let Mubarak do what he wish: the talk about transition means that he was basically told to stay in power, because Israel really freaked out at the prospect of Egypt without Mubarak.  How dare Obama talk about technology for the Egyptian youth when his speech did not utter one word about how Mubarak is silencing and restricting the technology of the youth of people. Make no mistake about it: this could be like the 1953 Operation Ajax in Iran.  The US is now arranging for a coup against the will of the Egyptian people.  It requires utmost vigilance and steadfastness and thus far those qualities have been abundant among the Egyptian people.  This move by Obama towards Egypt can be described as criminal because it will lead to blood on the streets.  I wonder if Obama during his talk with Mubarak discussed numbers like: just don't kill more than 50 or 60 a day, or something like that. His unprincipled cynicism reminds me of the conspiracies of the 1950s.  I am so glad that I resisted all efforts by my liberal and leftist friends who were urging me to vote for this personification of the Bush Doctrine.