Sunday, February 27, 2011

House of Saud

All signs indicate that House of Saud is very nervous.  People forget: the Arab regional state system is one that has been led since death of Nasser by Saudi government.  The system has been solidified since 1991 with the demise of Saddam.  The entire system has been shattered and Saudi Arabia does not know how the system will shape up, and that also make US/Israel very nervous.  This is a new era: I don't know how it will shape up, and no one knows.  Nasser is not coming back, and George Habash is long dead, but the changes are inevitable and they are not in the interest of US/Israel/Saudi Arabia.  Also, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries are often a decade or more behind Arab countries in political development (or a few decades).  But eventually, their turn will come and when that happens: Saudi royal family can't shelter the...Saudi royal family.