Thursday, February 17, 2011

GCC supports Bahrain: Aljazeera forgets Bahrain

GCC met and issues a statement in support of Bahrain.  The people of Bahrain are on their own now: there is no Aljazeera to support their cause and expose the regime, and the US and EU will do their best to rationalize and support government repression. Shame on Aljazeera Arabic for abandoning the people of Bahrain, and for even invoking a sectarian element in their coverage, implying that only Shi`ites are protesting.  In the press conference with the royal Bahraini foreign minister (a major buffoon of the Middle East--and we have many) minutes ago, seated next to `Abdullah bin Zayid (who has taken it upon himself to stand firmly by every falling or tottering tyrant in the region), a most courageous Bahraini female journalist (anyone knows her name) stood up and she spoke to him in a way that I have NOT seen or heard an Arab journalist speak to a ruler before.  She should be a front page story.

PS I am told: The Bahraini journalist is called Reem Khalifa.  She writes for the pro-opposition paper Al Wasat.