Friday, February 04, 2011

Don't trust a billionaire during a revolution

So a self-appointed committee, called the "Wise Men Committee" has been issuing opinions and commands and is trying to mediate between the people of Egypt and the regime of Mubarak.  Their first idea was to donate Egypt to the head of Mubarak's secret police, `Umar Sulayman.  The Egyptian billionaire, Najib Sawiris, is a member of the committee and that troubles me greatly.  What would have Marx thought about an initiative of a billionaire at a time of revolutionary change.  Sawiris, of course, has been close to Jamal Mubarak and is an opportunist who shifts and flip flops, even on Palestine.  I trust him like George Habash trusted Yasir `Arafat.  `Amr Musa is another well-known opportunist: a servant of Mubarak has just saw the light because Sha`ban `Abd-Ar-Rahim likes him.  But the protesters are impressive: when one member of the Committee (Abu Al-Majd) tried to talk today in Tahrir Square, he was shouted down and interrupted and sent home.