Tuesday, February 08, 2011

And now Libya

Farag, a comrade from Libya sent me this: "Protests are scheduled for Feb. 17 in Libya around the country.....get this...there is a rumor floating around that Gadhafi said he will join in the protest because he is "one of the people".  The website below has some links and articles regarding the protests..... made the website for libyan dissidents living abroad.   The website also has a "mixtape" of north african musicians (rappers - don't know if you're a fan) available for free download...my personal favorite song - Ta7ya Tunis by El General....
I would love if you can get your readers to scour the internet looking for information on the Feb. 17 protest....news/media/internet are heavily censored in libya (more than egypt was), and information is slow to get out....also if there's anyway to send the information about it into libya would be greatly appreciated....the more we can get these regimes to shake and crumble the better off the world will be..."