Monday, February 28, 2011

Al-Arabiyyah TV on Bahrain

B.B. from Bahrain sent me this (I cite with his/her permission):  "Asa’d. I've been following your blog for a long time but this is my first time to e-mail. I will skip all the Arab niceties and share with you this video which i found absolutley revealing of the evil tactics of Alarabiya TV:
The video is showing a number of revealing things: (1) Alarabiya reporter in the the Pearl Roundabout (the base of anti-government protesters) in the morning/noon (when the least number of people gather) and later at the pro-government rally in Al Fateh mosque at night when the crowds reached critical mass (2) Other than his bias and unprofessionalism, what’s disgusting is how the reporter is trying to instigate and provoke the people to attack him. He is saying stuff like "Why are you scared of the Microphone, why are you scared" and "Come and beat me. You’re used to beating". I’m proud to see average Bahraini people restraining their anger and chanting Peaceful Peaceful to prove this reporter wrong and render all his efforts in instigating an inappropriate reaction from the protesters useless!   One more thing and I am not feigning ignorance or being sarcastic here but can you please help me understand why this morally bankrupt Al-Arabiya reporter is crying at the pro-government rally (@ Min 4:40)? Are these emotional tears of happiness for being showered with love  by the pro-government supporters for his biased reporting? Are they tears of guilt? or are they tears of fear triggered by the freaky Islamist MP? I just don't get it."