Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mini-Hariri self-destructing before your eyes

Of course, you can't dramatically announce the demise of leaders or sticks in Lebanon: the sectarian system (and billionaire's money) can always revive somebody's fortunes in a lousy country like Lebanon.  But mini-Hariri sefl-destructed fast--before your eyes.  When his father left government in 1998, he handled himself much differently: but Rafiq Hariri--as much as I detest him and never miss his destructive role in the region--was smart and very shrewd politically.  Western media are not stressing that what happened in Lebanon is the result of a typical parliamentary maneuver in any political system: that one faction in the parliament, decided to shift its alliance.  Walid Jumblat--that shifty opportunist--decided to throw his lot with the March 8 and to solidify his alliance with Hizbullah and Syria.  Simple.  People forgot that the last parliamentary election was "won" (if you can say that because the US and Saudi Arabia clearly manipulated the results and in one Wikileak that remained unexplained, Fu'ad Sanyurah, told David Petreus that his "security assistance" was crucial to winning the election against Hizbullah) by a difference of a handful of votes in parliament.  So fortunes shifted and mini-Hariri instead of falsely posing as a statesperson decided to play it thuggishly and it seems to have backfired.  They are clearly embarrassed as evidenced by the speech of mini-Hariri and they have scared off the Christian allies of Hariri Inc.  Gen. `Awn (the Christian ally of Hizbullah) was beaming today and this is why.  Christians still remember when the Hariri Inc sponsored a Salafi demonstration 4 years ago (?) against the Danish embassy in Beirut over the Danish cartoons and it went out of hand and the Salafite Harirites went wild attacking churches and residential buildings.  But Najib Miqati may not stick: he has legs made of jello.  But then again: it depends what Saudi Arabia decides: there may be sign that Miqati may not have agreed without Saudi consent.  Also, this sleaze Saudi website sponsored a survey of Saudi writers, journalists, and "politicians"--there is no such category in the kingdom of horrors, and they agreed that mini-Hariri does not alone represent the Sunnis in Lebanon.