Thursday, January 27, 2011

"How to Revolt Intelligently"

I have just received from Egypt a secret document titled "How to Revolt Intelligently" prepared by the youth activists in Egypt.  It is a most sophisticated manual by activist that I have seen.  I am not exaggerating. It has very specific instructions as how to deal with the oppression tactics and methods of the Mubarak regime.  I would have shared it with you, but the activists are circulating it as a secret document with special instruction against wide distribution for fear of falling into the hands of police. It has specific instruction as to how to deal with tear gas canisters and the repression vehicles and baton of the police.  It sets the demands and style of the movement with well-done illustration.  It ends with an illustration of Jamal Mubarak nicknamed Jaban Mubarak (Coward Mubarak).  It is most impressive and makes me more hopeful about change in Egypt. I have not seen anything like this before, not by any revolutionary or activist movement anywhere.  The title in Egyptian accent is:
كيف تثور بحدائة