Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terje Roed Larsen (tool of US and House of Saud--who loves private jets of Hariri)

"The Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende reported on the 20th of December from Wikileaks document a report aboutt a private dinner with the American ambassador to Lebanon in August 2006.  At the dinner, Norwegian Terje Roed Larsen told the ambassador that none of the possible candidates to take over the UN secretary general were acceptable.  He said that the only person who should get the job was himself. And asked for US support.  The ambassador described Roed Larsens ambitions with a solid dose of sarcasm. And then added in the cable: Roed Larsen went on to say «And if Prince Zaid of Jordan becomes the front-runner, then the U.S. should demand that Prince Zaid «have a ticket,» with - you guessed it, readers - Larsen as Deputy SYG,»  It has to be added here that several years later, Mona Juul, Roed Larsen’s wife, broke the usual code of conduct for diplomats by openly criticizing Ban Ki-Moon, the man who got the job of UN secretary general instead of her husband and as the following document from the unforum point out, the written critique may not have been her work, but rather Roed Larsen’s handiwork."  From the hometown Norwegian newspaper of Larsen--translation by Michael.  (thanks Michael)