Saturday, December 04, 2010

Swiss army knives as a danger to Arab regimes

This must be the dumbest analysis there is.  Look at this passage:  "Arab angst about Iran's nuclear ambitions has been exposed, perhaps giving the United States greater leverage in international talks scheduled for next week." Arab angst about Iran's nuclear ambitions?  Are you kidding me?  Do you really think that Iran nuclear efforts are not wildly popular throughout the Arab and Muslim world-without distinction between Sunnis and Shi`ites?  Any one who does not believe that, does know know potato about Arab politics and has not been following public opinion surveys in the region.  You think if Iran is bombed, the Arab public will stand with those who bomb Iran?  Really?  You think that Israel arsenal of WMDs are popular among Arabs/Muslims and are not seen as a matter of grave concern?  Of course, it is convenient for the Zionists in the US media to conflate Arab regimes and Arab people to advance Israel's interests in US foreign policies.  Like Arab regimes are not the puppets who they are and would not go along with every machination cooked up by US and Israel?  If the Zionists in DC were to claim that Switzerland is a danger to Israel and that something should be done about it, Arab polygamous rulers would stand in line and claim that the Swiss Army Knife is a source of instability in the region. Sons of...Zayid and Sons of... `Abdul-`Aziz would even offer themselves as suicide bombers against Switzerland.  When the Zionists find it convenient, they seem to forget that they are dealing with Arab dictators--just as they forgot that important fact about Anwar Sadat.  Luckily, the Egyptian people did not forget that Sadat is a dictator.