Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Flash: Al-Akhbar releases a batch of Wikileaks documents not released before

They are explosive.  They will change the nature of domestic Lebanese politics, and certainly not in favor of March 14.  There is so much damage to the Hariri tribunal as Bellmare is seen taking  marching orders and sharing minute details with the US.  There is a lot of damage to the Commander-in-chief of Lebanese Army and president of Michel Sulayman because they seem to only discuss "terrorist" threats with US military officials and never bring up the treat from Israel.  Here, there is an explosive document: it relates to Ahmad Al-As`ad (son of former speaker of parliament and who was supported by US and Saudi Arabia in the last election and he managed to receive less than 2% of Shi`ite votes in South Lebanon) and his discussion with US officials.  Apparently, the US was being urged by Lebanese officials to strike and alliance with Subhi Tufayli (secretary-general of Hizbullah during its most horrific phase).