Thursday, December 30, 2010

Al-Akhbar in the New York Times

I wrote yesterday about Al-Akhbar's story in the New York Times.  This sentence in the article got my attention; it said that Ibrahim Al-Amin wants to:  "remove Israel from the map and send the Jews back to Europe."  I asked Ibrahim and he tells me that he did not say that sentence that was falsely attributed to him.  He said that the interview that was conducted by Robert Worth through an interpretor was not accurate in transcript perhaps because the interpreter who came with Worth was so "weak" that he and Mansour (a colleague at the paper who runs the website) had to correct her.  He explained that he was talking about the future demise of Israel and that he added that in such eventuality many Israeli Jews may immigrate to Europe and the US.   Ibrahim will be sending a correction to the New York Times.