Friday, November 26, 2010

When a Saudi propaganda rag attacks Counterpunch

This is rather a classic definition of irony: a Saudi propaganda rag (Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat--the mouthpiece of lousy Prince Salman) labels Counterpunch as example of "yellow journalism".  For Saudi rags to label a newsite or news outlet "yellow journalism" is like Muhammad Dahlan labeling somebody as "collaborator", or is like Sa`d Hariri calling someone "dumb" or like Saudi King calling someone incompetent and inarticulate.  What irony.  In the past, the folks at Counterpunch got mad at me because I did expose that an alleged interview with Hasan Nasrallah was in fact a hoax.  They got mad at me when I in fact was keen on protecting their credibility.  I am a fan of Counterpunch and it has my support although they may sometimes publish what I may deem as unreliable. The pieces on Lebanon by Franklin Lamb (which are peddled by pro-Iranian media in the Middle East) are very unreliable and he has proven consistently to be wrong in his assessments and predictions.  His last piece attributing stuff to Jeffrey Feltman is clearly--in my mind at least made up.  Most importantly, Walid Jumblat who was a witness--according to the account of Lamb--just denied that story categorically.  The language used in the alleged conversation does not sound like one to be used by a US official--as much as I detest the Zionist Feltman.