Monday, November 29, 2010

Sons of...Zayid heart Sanyurah

"Noting Lebanese PM Siniora's January 16 visit to the UAE, MbZ characterized Siniora as &a good man. We are supporting him." MbZ said that Hizballah has made a "big mistake" in estimating its support in Lebanon, and has "played it wrong -- they do not have the support of the majority of the Lebanese people." MbZ discussed with Abizaid the military technology that Hizballah used in 2006, specifically noting the amount of anti-tank weapons that Hizballah possessed. Abizaid acknowledged that Hizballah has access to weapons technology that most Arab states don't have. MbZ interrupted the conversation to state explicitly that he wants the U.S. to understand that the UAE was not involved in the transfer of those weapons or technologies in any way. Referring to the recent events in Somalia, MbZ commented: "The Somalia job was fantastic.""