Monday, November 22, 2010

CBC report, again (see below)

This CBC report rendered a great service to Hizbullah's campaign against the Hariri court.  Public opinion surveys in Lebanon already point to a clear and systematic decline in public support for the court, even among Sunnis and Druzes (the Christians are split).  I mean, to accuse the key intelligence guy in the Hariri camp, Al-Hasan, of complicity is to turn the investigation into a farce.  This Wisam Hasan was so key to UN investigation that he was even used (at least in the case of "false witness", Muhammad Zuhayr As-Siddiq) as the official interpretor of the UN team.   And for the report to rely on the account of Mehlis discredited the court and report further.  The Hariri camp is now clearly at war, and Wisam Hasan (who is named in the report) has so much dirt on his Hariri enemies and will fight back.  The movie will now get more interesting and suspenseful.  As for the Hariri investigation itself, you may relegate it to late night TV, on "Nick at Night".  Check your local listing.