Sunday, October 31, 2010

Robert Fisk: lost forever, dazed and confused

He has become an embarrassment to himself.  I saw him on RT news channel.  And he as so bad.  I realized that he is a bad speaker and his anecdotal stories sound too fake and irrelevant.  A guest from Iran on the same program pointed out the inaccuracies of what he was saying.  Look at this silly piece by him: the first part (apart from the talk between Hariri and Ahmadinajad which was reported widely in the Lebanese press many days ago), really struck me as made up in its entirety.  I mean that. He may have lost it.  He is reporting about private conversations between heads of state.  And Fisk is now trying to sneakily distance himself from accusations that Syria was behind the assassination of Hariri when he himself also believed in it until recently.  Fisk--I dare say--flatly lies about Lebanon but not with malice. He mechanically reports all sorts of lies that he receives from his friends in March 14.  It is no true that Ahmadinajad said that Lebanon is Iran's "front line." He really invented that.  It is not true that Syria complained about absence of pictures of Bashshar.  And only an idiot or somebody who has not watched Sa`d Hariri for ten minutes would believe that idiot Sa`d Hariri would know the significance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.  I mean, Fisk: sometimes I dont even think you talk to your own driver, `Abed who can enlighten you.  Just because Fisk is brave against Israel and Western Zionists should not stop us from pointing out his utter incompetence and lack of credibility, especially on things Lebanese.