Friday, October 15, 2010

Judith Miller finds WMDs in the Biqa` Valley (having discovered WMDs in Iraq)

"No one in Lebanon seems to know who invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Beirut for a two-day "official visit"".  Oh, they all know and if you know Arabic you would have read that it was Michel Sulayman during his visit to Iran, you genius expert on the Middle East, who was the first to find the WMDs in Iraq.  "In the Christian Science Monitor, Nicholas Blanford, the author of "Killing Mr. Lebanon," about the Hariri assassination, notes that while this is the Iranian president's first official visit to Lebanon, Ahmadinejad has visited southern Lebanon before. More than two decades ago, he came to the Bekaa Valley as an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps to help train the Lebanese Shiites who became the nascent Hezbollah."  Yes, and Blanford learned about this visit to Lebanon 20 years ago from the same sources who fed him the story about Syria behind the Hariri assassination.  You think I would have bothered to read this trash if someone did not forward it to me?  (thanks Niki)