Thursday, October 07, 2010

Immigration and religion in the UAE (Mossad agents are allowed, of course)

A source whose identity I wish to protect sent me this (I cite with permission):  "thought you might be interested in this, probably you know about it now, a close family member of mine applied for a job in UAE. He did  the interview and he got the job but they told him that he has to wait for his paperwork/visa to finish. He waited for 2 months and every week they'll tell him next week you'll leave.  He then got a job in different contry and emailed them to scold them he got this response " We are so sorry, but there are new regulations in UAE concerning people from certain religion" .  P.S. the family member is Shi'ite and he friend was also fired for same reason."

PS I obtained the original email from the employer it said:  "i am very sorry to tell you that. this is the new restriction in the immigration because of some section in religion..."