Monday, August 23, 2010

Thomas Friedman's aphorisms

"I love that line: “We have to surprise them.” I was watching the movie on an airplane and scribbled that line down on my napkin because it summarizes what is missing today in so many places..."  I bet you love that line.  You like everything that is superficial, shallow, and vapid.  I bet that you scribbled that silly line from a silly movie.  That is your level of analysis and observations.  You are somebody whose mind is only formed by silly anecdotes and popular cultures, and not by books or big ideas.  And you not only scribbled that silly line: you also scribbled other silly line on that plane ride of your because you cite other silly lines from that silly movie.  I mean, you have been writing for years and I can't for the life of me remember one original idea that you came up with on any subject.  You think that silly catch phrases take the place of ideas, and some silly readers agree with you because they like to not use their brains.   Lastly, tell me your position on the Iraq war: that is your only achievement.  How you went from wholeheartedly endorsing the American invasion of Iraq, to pretending that you were a critic of the way, only when it became clear that your original idea was so dumb.  At least stick to a position: aside from consistently serving Zionist interests.