Friday, August 27, 2010

Michael Totten found someone as ignorant as he is about Lebanon

I mean, when people sent me this interview, it was mostly for humor and to mock both of those guys.  I mean, when they talk about South Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut, you don't recognize them from the description.  As if they talking about somewhere else.  They claim that there are no Lebanese flags in South Lebanon, for example--I wish if that is true because I can't stand the cedar flag.  Look how dumb they sound here:
"MJT: It’s totalitarian down there in South Lebanon.
Jonathan Spyer: Absolutely. Absolutely.
MJT: There’s no other word for it. It’s not just authoritarian.
Iran itself isn’t even totalitarian anymore. It used to be, and the government wants it to be, but it has to contend with massive unrest and civil disobedience now."
You read this and realize: they really have not been there.  They were too scared to visit so they conjure up images from their worst fears and Zionist fantasies. (thanks David)