Saturday, August 21, 2010

MEMRI and the fake claim of combating anti-Semitism

One of the (indirect) promoters of anti-Semitism of the world have been Zionist organizations, particularly those who profess to specialize in monitoring and combating of anti-Semitism.  Yet, as is widely know, those organizations gloss over anti-Semitism produced by allies of Israeli, and monitor (or in same cases concoct) anti-Semitic manifestations by all enemies of Israel (regardless whether they are secular or religious, sensitive to anti-Semitism or insensitive).  I say this because I was just watching a hateful monologue against Jews by a senior Egyptian cleric and on an official Egyptian station.  He said, among other things, that "all Jews are enemies of all of humanity."  And he went on like that.  But I notice that MEMRI does not cover anti-Semitism in Egyptian state media anymore simply because Mubarak has become such a subservient tool of Israel.