Monday, July 26, 2010

The US puppets in Iraq and history

The US puppets in Iraq are scrambling to save their reputation in history. Those who would push and shove to have their pictures taken with Bush or with any of his lowest assistants are now rewriting history and claiming that they had nothing to do with Bush or his occupation. I saw a segment of the TV memoirs of Adnan Pachachi and he insists that he did not allow himself to be used by the Americans: only the Shi`ite puppets were American puppets, he basically said. You also realize the sinister role that AlAkhdar Al-Ibrahimi played on behalf of the US, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. When Edward Said invited me to attend his honorary doctorate ceremony at AUB, I left when it was the turn to award one to Al-Akhdar Al-Ibrahimi. I had to explain to Said my reasoning.