Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Israeli Mossad story to deal with the embarrassing arrests of Israeli spies in Lebanon

You read the whole article but only to justify the last bogus theory as to why Lebanon arrested all those spies. I mean, Syrian and Egyptian intelligence agencies are much adept at torture than the Lebanese intelligence agencies and thus there should have been arrests of scores of Israeli spies in Syria or Egypt or Iran, if you are to believe the stupid theory of this German dumb spy: ""Most of the Arab intelligence services are completely different from what we in the West are familiar with when we think about intelligence services," he says now. "Most of the work of the BND, for example, is to collect information of strategic, political or military value, and to understand, evaluate and analyze trends; not killing people and not torturing them. The Arab agencies see their primary task as preserving the regime or the leader and therefore, they are cruel and without limits. They are above the law; they are the law itself. They see themselves as a divine entity. They torture suspects relentlessly, so it is not surprising that many suspects are willing to confess to every crime. This is therefore one of the reasons why I believe they were also able to expose the Israeli spy ring in Lebanon."His evaluation stands in contrast to the suggestions made in the international media that they were exposed because of modern monitoring equipment provided by the U.S. to the Lebanese army." (thanks Olivia)