Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Israel's years are numbered

"President Barak Obama is expected to ask Congress in the coming days to approve a $205 million package to assist Israel in the construction of the anti-missile Iron Dome system. The Iron Dome system is made in Israel. Small cameras and radars are used to track and shoot down rockets that are capable of traveling 3 to 45 miles. The rockets are usually launched by extremists from Gaza and Lebanon. "Israel faces a lethal missile threat both from long, medium, and short range rockets," said Mark Regev, Israeli Prime Minister's spokesman. "This sort of project is crucial to the safety and security of Israel." I mean, i read this and I don't feel that Israel is taking extra measures to prolong its lousy shelf-life. I read this and I think: how desperate. They know the years of Israel are numbered and they come up with various schemes to convince themselves that they can let Israel last a year or two longer. They are just like Apartheid South Africa but the white supremacists there were much less dumb. (thanks Sarah)