Saturday, May 22, 2010

Robert Fisk bragging

"and sat at the impeccable table of Rafik Hariri when he was prime minister of Lebanon." Good for you, Robert. Good for you. What do you want for that? A medal with Hariri visage on it? Or would you like a blender that can spew hummus? Please let us know. And let us know how dining at the "impeccable" table of Hariri has enhanced your knowledge of the Middle East. And have you dined at the unimpeccable tables of poor Arabs, Robert? Let us know. Thanks. And then he says this: " Beirut is a happy place to live, wars permitting, and probably serves the cleanest and spiciest food in the Middle East." I mean, Robert Fisk has become so unreliable in his reporting on the Middle East that he can't tell spicy food from non-spicy food? Lebanese food is the most non-spicy and that is why it is favored by Westerners. (thanks Arun)